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It turns out that there is a super effective formula that can help you quit pornography and masturbation permanently and it works...
Even if you have tried "everything" to quit
And... even if you have been addicted for a very long time
But wait...
Before I proceed, let me ask you something
What would quitting pornography and masturbation permanently mean for you?
How would quitting make you feel?
My name is Tobi Olabajo
I am an Ex-addict, a Life Strategist and the Bestselling Author of The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula and A FREE Man in Days
7 years ago, I was badly addicted to Pornography, Masturbation and three other deadly habits
And back then, a certain thought that constantly came to my mind every single day was...
What if my bad habits kill me?
What if they make me sick?
Just what if they lead to something unpleasant...
There is an old adage that says, Bad habits never ends well... and that scared me
The day of reckoning for me was the day I read that Pornography has the same effect as Hard Drugs on the Brain and that...
Pornography and Masturbation damages relationships as it reduces a person ability to love
When I was addicted, I constantly viewed women as "sex objects" (most people who are addicted to porn feel this way too)
I also discovered that Masturbation can lead to Erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction is when the sexual organ of a person stops working properly
The many consequences of Pornography and Masturbation made me scared
Really scared...
And I started to try to get myself to quit
I tried to distract myself to quit
I tried using my willpower to quit
I tried using prayers to quit
But if anything, all this did for me was make my addictions stronger...
After trying just about everything to quit my bad habits, I decided to take laws into my own hands...
I started reading books on Habits
And I started taking courses
In total, I read 17 books on habits and took 4 courses on habits
But many of the strategies in the books and courses I took were either too difficult to apply or were super impractical to apply and they failed to help me quit
I felt doomed...
And I felt stuck
Was I going to remain addicted for life?
God forbid!
I was determined to quit so I kept researching
And one day...
One lucky day, I was reading about a Professor and found out that she co-authored a research paper on Habits formation and Habit change
I was interested
I paid for the research paper
Applied everything in it and combined the strategies in it together with some of the effective strategies I picked up from the books and courses I took... and boom! I was able to quit my bad habits permanently
I was excited
And then started giving everyone around me that were addicted to various bad habits these strategies and they also went on to quit their bad habits permanently too
And that was when it dawned on me that I had discovered something powerful...
That was when it dawned on me that what I had discovered was a recipe
A formula
A formula to quit ANY bad habit permanently... and easily
I then figured that I could help a lot more people if I packaged this formula into an ebook and that I immediately did...
I wrote an ebook that thoroughly explained how people can use this formula to quit their bad habits permanently and started selling it online
The ebook was appropriately titled "The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula"
Here is the cover
And true to my initial thoughts... this ebook was helping people quit
I would wake up and get emotional emails from people in different countries telling me how the formula helped them quit
I would get random videos of people saying thank you to me - after reading my ebook
It was such a great feeling. I was excited that I was helping people
It made me happy to see people quit their bad habits permanently
The most amazing email yet was from a guy called Ken
Meet Ken Mwangi
Ken is a man living in Eldoret, Kenya
Growing up, due to the desire to look cool among his friends, Ken got addicted to Smoking
Ken stayed addicted for 7 years and tried everything possible to quit
He even relocated from Nakaru to Eldoret just so he could leave his friends that influenced him
He tried everything thinkable
His smoking habit was causing him so much pain in life
And his breathing had already began slowing drastically
His skin had also started becoming really irritating
But as soon as he got The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula book and learnt of this formula, he was able to quit his smoking habit permanently
And today, his breathing has improved and he has not smoked for the past 47 days
He couldn't make a video testimony and instructed that I do not use his picture for this testimony for privacy reasons but instead sent an email
He said The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula gave him back his life. Read his email below
"Your book is something I wish I found 5 years ago, life wouldn't have gotten this bad for me. Look, I got addicted to smoking about 7 years ago when I was in Kabarak University. I tried everything to quit. I had tried a lot of things to quit but 90% of what I tried were absolutely impractical and didn't work. I even relocated from Nakaru to Eldoret so I could get away from my smoking friends who influenced me but nothing. My breathing was almost gone. I coughed more than 30 times daily. You need to have seen my skin. My smoking habit put me in a very bad state but that Tuesday I was just browsing my Facebook when I saw your book and I won't lie, I had doubts initially about what this was and if it would actually work but I went on to pay for it and started applying the things in it, and here am I shouting praises about your book everywhere. I have not smoked for the past 47 days and my breathing is getting better and my cough has reduced very well. I have even sent your book to two of my cousins in Nakaru who are addicted to smoking and pornography respectively and they have been started seeing progress too. God bless you. Yes, I would recommed your book over and over again. It gave me back my life"
And that is not even all
Hear what Israel had to say
"The best thing I have ever read"
Holy Israel
This is literally the best book I have ever read. Straight-to-the-point, practical and very insightful. The most fascinating thing for me in this book is 'the default-self concept'. Totally love it
"I recommend this a hundred times over"
Maximilliano Krys
Great book. It is literally unputdownable. No body who is 'trapped' and is genuinely interested in his/her freedom will regret having this ebook. Love it. I recommend it a hundred times over. This is good. Changed my life
I was getting a lot of praises for my ebook...
I was happy
My formula was changing lives!
I was feeling fulfilled
And everything was going really well until one day
When I got an email from a man one fateful afternoon...
When I asked for his permission to share this email, he gave me a go ahead but asked that I protect his privacy by not revealing his name
So, in this post, I would call him "Frank" (not his real name)
Here is the email Frank sent to me:
"Good day Mr. Tobi, I just finished reading your book right now and truth be told, I enjoyed it. And noticed that it is way different from every book on habit out there. But I have an issue with your book. I noticed that it is a bit generalized. For instance, to explain the finding the Triggers strategy, you used one habit as a case study. And to explain the finding your Reward strategy, you used a totally different habit as a case study. I believe you have good intentions by doing this. Because I believe you are trying to touch on each habits so that irrespective of what a person is addicted to, they can still get results. But then, this failed to get me results. For instance, I am addicted to smoking and I believe it would have been great and helpful if each of the strategy in your book is explained using smoking as a case study. This would have helped me really well. This is my only issue with your book. When you write a book on how to specifically quit smoking in the future, please reach out to me, I will definitely be one of the first to buy it. All in all, your book is a great book and I believe it can help so many people around the world. God bless you"
Frank's email sent me into deep thinking
He was basically saying that my strategies would have been more helpful to him if the case studies I used to butress my points in the book were related to his own habits
It made sense, but then, over 2000 people from 13 countries have bought my ebook and Frank is just one person saying that it is generalized
So while I took note of his email, I didn't take it that much to heart...
But then again, about 2 weeks after I got Frank's email, I got a similar email from another person
This second email was sent by a woman and was even more specific on the fact that the strategies in my book would have been more effective for her if they were specific to her habit
And that was when I knew I needed to do something about this...
That was when I knew I could help people a lot more effectively if I structured my revolutionary habit quitting formula specifically for each habits
So that if a person was addicted to Smoking for instance, they can simply get a straight-to-the-point book that shows them how to apply my revolutionary formula to quit Smoking
Or if a person was addicted to Pornography, they can simply get a straight-to-the-point book that shows them how to apply my revolutionary formula to quit Pornography
This made sense
And I figured this would be more effective for people
And decided to write a straight-to-the-point book that shows people specifically how to apply my super powerful formula to quit Pornography and Masturbation permanently
QUIT PORN AND MASTURBATION: A Breakthrough Formula to Overcome Pornography and Masturbation Addiction Permanently
This ebook reveals a super powerful formula to quit pornography and masturbation permanently
This revolutionary formula is hands-down the easiest system to confidently and permanently quit pornography and masturbation
The Quit Porn and Masturbation ebook was surgically written to show you what exactly you need to do to quit pornography and masturbation permanently
Yes, that's right
No fillers. No BS. Just practical and easy-to-apply strategies to help you quit pornography and masturbation permanently
Everything in this ebook is straightforward and it is a "do this, and this" kind of ebook
No long tales and no boring theories. Just practical, effective, straight-to-the-point and super easy-to-apply strategies that can help you quit pornography and masturbation permanently
You see...
When I launched this book and started advertising it all around the Internet
A particular man messaged me on Facebook
He said and I quote:
"Can this make me quit for good? Not days, not months, not years, but for good?"
And I responded:
"Yes it can. Get the book. And if after you finish reading it and you feel like the formula and strategies in the book cannot help you quit, message me for a full refund. And yes, you have my word on that"
He was shocked. He was surprised at my confidence in the formula
He immediately paid for the book and then sent me a message few weeks later that he has been able to quit - even though he has not finished reading the book
I was happy for him
Have a look at the screenshot of our conversation below
That was his first message
And this is the second message where he confirmed that he has been able to quit
The number one reason my book and the formula in it has been so helpful to a lot of people is that it was not written by just one author who just woke up and wanted to write a book
No. This was written by an Ex-porn addict
This is something I went through
This is something I personally went through myself - and I went to great length to figure out how to quit and then eventually found what works
I am so confident in this formula because it has helped SO many people quit
This has helped hundreds of people quit and I believe it can help you too - irrespective of how long you have been addicted
I know you are probably thinking right now...
So what is the investment for this ebook?
Allow me to throw that question back to you...
What do you think the investment of this book should be?
This book reveals a super powerful formula that can change your life for the best
And by looking at everything this formula will be saving you from, how much do you think this formula should be worth?
KSh 6,400? or KSh 9,000? or KSh 12,350?
As a person, quitting masturbation permanently at the time I quit it - saved me from having a $4,860 (equivalent of KSh 506,376) surgery
If all this formula did was save you from having a surgery as a result of your pornography or masturbation addiction, how much would it be worth to you?
How much?
Surgeries may even be extreme cases, but what if all this did for you was give you that peace of mind that you have always been looking for, that feeling of being in control that you have always wanted...
How much is your peace of mind worth to you? And how much would you cheerfully pay to get it?
KSh 12,000?
I want you to think about this...
If all this did was give you back your confidence, help you reclaim your relationships and make you healthier, how much would it be worth to you?
Pause and reflect on this
What do you think the investment of this should be?
KSh 15,500?
Fact is, this formula is worth way more than KSh 18,000 but...
But since I want to help, I won't ask you for that
I won't even ask you for half of that
I will instead let you have it for a small investment of KSh 4,250 only
Yes, you heard that correctly
I will let you have this super powerful formula that can help you quit pornography and masturbation for a small price of KSh 4,250 only
You will agree with me that for effective strategies that can help you quit pornography and masturbation permanently, KSh 4,250 is a very fair investment, right?
Especially because addiction generally is a serious thing, and no where on the internet will you find something as effective as this for a meager sum of KSh 8,000 talk less of KSh 4,250
No where. It will always be way above that
So KSh 4,250
But wait, before you pay KSh 4,250, hold on
I have another good news for you
2 evenings ago, one of my mentors in church found this ebook on Facebook, paid for it and as soon as she finished reading it
She so loved it that she told me she was willing to sponsor the book for a few people
She sent me $500 (which is about KSh 54,100)
See screenshot below (hid her name for privacy purposes)
Her words:
"Your book is so good and I believe more people need to discover it. Well done Tobi"
So because of the $500 (KSh 54,100) she sent, I will be discounting this ebook for the next 20 people to get it
Yes, the next 20 people only!
These 20 people only need to pay KSh 1,545 for this ebook as I am going to take off KSh 2,705 from the KSh 4,250 for them
Yes you read that correctly
These 20 people will be paying ONLY KSh 1,545 for this super powerful formula - as against the original price of KSh 4,250 (a KSh 2,705 discount!)
And this doesn't stop there...
As a sign of good faith, I am also going to give the next 20 lucky people that gets the Quit Porn and Masturbation book the latest version of my bestselling ebook, "The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula"
The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula ebook is a book that reveals a super powerful formula to quit habits of any kind
From Procrastination to Smoking etc
This book has directly helped more than 1000 people in 13 different countries quit their bad habits permanently
And the latest version of it is even more practical and powerful - and will help these 20 lucky people further quit other bad habits they may have in their lives
These 20 people are going to get The Ultimate Habit Quitting Formula ebook for FREE (Valued at KSh 4,549)
So now, the next 20 people to get the Quit Porn and Masturbation ebook are going to get two ebooks:
Valued at KSh 4,250
Valued at KSh 4,549
For a super small investment of:
KSh 1,545
Yes, you read that correctly. You are getting those 2 ebooks for just KSh 1,545 if you are one of the next 20 people to get the Quit Porn and Masturbation ebook
But the thing is this
If you are interested in this then you must hurry because when I announced this discount on my Whatsapp yesterday, 13 people immediately paid for the ebook
(Emails were hidden for privacy purposes)
And earlier today, 4 people also paid for the ebook
(Emails were hidden for privacy purposes)
So in total, 17 people have taken advantage of this discount already and only 3 lucky people are left
I am also advertising this page on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Quora and there are a lot of people on this page right now
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Simply make payment and then tell me where to send your copy to - and I will send it to you immediately. Hurry!
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